UPHOLSTERY ELEMENTS, INC. was founded in 2012 by owner Manuel Juarez who has 35 years of experience building the finest upholstered furniture. His conscientious eye for detail and craftsmanship stems from learning from classic European masters. And it all started in high school.


Walking home from high school every day, Juarez’s path would take him right past the local upholstery shop. The two men inside working and building always fascinated him and appealed to his artistic inclination, until one day, they invited him inside. They quickly saw Juarez’s interest and asked him if he wanted a part-time job after school. This was the start of Juarez’s furniture-making career.

Juarez soon learned that his “maestros” came from a lineage of Czechoslovakian and European furniture manufacturers who migrated to the U.S. after losing their family businesses in World War II. These mentors showed Juarez first-hand the time-honored method of crafting and assembling beautiful and sustainable pieces using quality materials and a creative approach to upholstering.

All the handcrafted pieces at Upholstery Elements showcase Juarez’s talent in keeping true to the traditional while keeping up with the modern––a style that is French Provincial meets Contemporary.


We take pride in our workmanship, starting with the finest carpentry in building the frame structure. We use only premium hardwoods, such as alder, oak, or maple, and follow the Old World technique of assembling without skipping any details. We pad the frame with foam, poly-fiber, and layers of organic cotton batting before fabric application for added comfort. The result is always upholstered furniture that is built to last, and has customized, sleek lines.